CAI 泰勒粉, 品質穩定、適用於添加翻糖且快速滲透, 相較於其它品牌更具扺抗高溼度功效!!


  • 可代替黃蓍膠
  • 具CK Tylose產品之相同性功能
  • 純白色操作容易
  • 容量2盎司
  • 由Kashrut委員會認證
  • 100% Made in USA


添加1-2小匙泰勒粉至1磅翻糖, 如翻糖含低濕度添加少量; 若具高濕度則需添加更多泰勒粉。加以推揉後, 擺置隔夜使用可獲得最佳效果; 必要時, 也可立即使用。同時, 泰勒粉也是一種食用液態膠, 可協助翻糖裝飾或者覆蓋蛋糕的最佳詮釋者。

*此商品已上架, 歡迎門市參觀選購!!*

New product in store: high humidity CAI Tylose! It is for use with rolled fondant in hot, muggy climates. It is more effective than other brands of tylose against heat/humidity. This product can also be used in place of Gum Tragacanth in gumpaste or rolled fondant in the exact same proportions.  This will give you a gumpaste or rolled fondant that is bright white and very easy to work with. Weight-2 ounces.  Certified Kosher.

In high humidity, knead it in and let it rest overnight before using for best results.  It can be used immediately, if necessary.  Tylose also makes a wonderful edible liquid glue to attach fondant decorations and pearls to the sides of a fondant covered cake.

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