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DK訂製中秋節餅乾/杯子蛋糕 Festival Custom Orders!

最新! 客製化中秋禮盒新鮮出貨囉! 全程採用新鮮優質原料,所有訂製杯子蛋糕與餅乾禮盒由多趣廚房手工監製完成,讓您與親朋好友一起分享美味慶中秋。有興趣訂製 多趣蛋糕嗎? 按這裡!

See the latest mid-autumn festival DK custom orders! All made with quality natural ingredients and lots of love!

Delicious cookies and cupcakes all made freshly at Duchess Kitchen!

Interested in ordering a custom Duchess Kitchen Cake? Click HERE for more details!












8/5 custom cupcake order / 定制杯子蛋糕

Wow, another cupcake order today!! 請參考客製化蛋糕報價單/Custom Cake Quotation Form.

8/3 custom cupcake order / 定制杯子蛋糕

Another yummy custom cupcake order made with real DK buttercream :)












DK最新訂製作品 Custom-Order Cakes

多趣獨家訂製婚禮蛋糕/杯子蛋糕.  Some of the amazing cakes and cupcakes we can make fresh for your next event!