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多趣廚房場地租賃服務 Private Event Booking Form!

多趣廚房致力提供乾淨舒適的環境與專業熱忱的教學團隊, 成為您學習烘焙的絕佳場所! 歡迎各式團體預約課程以及場地租借, 可依照特定需求量身規劃或菜單設計, 點選填寫需求表!! 場地租賃契約 Private Event Booking Form

Duchess Kitchen is a specialized DIY baking studio & retail store in the heart of Taipei. Our dedicated DK team is excited to offer a clean, quality place for families, friends and corporate teams to connect, have fun and celebrate their lives! Please click to see our private event booking form.


客製化蛋糕 / 烘焙食品報價單 Custom Cake Quotation Form

Interested in ordering a custom Duchess Kitchen Cupcakes, Cakes or Cookies?  有興趣訂製 多趣蛋糕嗎? 我們提供您新鮮製作的專屬特色蛋糕, 杯仔蛋糕和小餅乾, 歡迎蒞臨本店參觀. 如欲參考連結報價單, 請點選連結或以下圖片, 或下列圖片以查詢報價.

Come into our store to see what beautiful occasion cakes, cupcakes & cookies we can make fresh for you or click HERE or on the image below to open our quotation request form.